Sesario N. Lozano, 77 of Sonora TX, known to many as Ray or Nano, passed away on January 26, 2021. Memorial services will be held Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 9:00a.m. at Love Funeral Home Chapel.

Sesario is survived by his children; two sons, Ray Lozano and his wife Julie Lozano, Sesario Lozano Jr. and his wife Janice Lozano and one daughter, Rachel Lozano; ten grandchildren, Michael Lozano and his wife Monica Lozano, Steven Lozano, Raquel Cuevas and her husband Timothy Cuevas, Ricky Lozano and his wife Diana Lozano, Randy Lozano, Zachary Joffrion, Jacob Joffrion, Emilio Lozano, Elijah Lozano and Immanuel Lozano; and three great-grandchildren, Ayven Lozano, Mia Cuevas and Miliana Lozano; his brothers Carlos Lozano, Jose-Manuel Lozano and Homer Lozano; his sisters, Alma Brazee, Sandi Espinosa, Elsa Lozano and Linda Perez. He is predeceased by his wife Angelita C. Lozano; his mother and father, Consuelo, and Carlos Lozano; his brother Israel Lozano.

Sesario was born in Sonora, TX on July 12, 1943 to his parents Consuelo and Carlos Lozano. Sesario met his late wife in Lamesa, TX circa 1960. They wed in 1961 and had their first child, Ray, in 1965. Sesario met farmer Leroy Ziechang who offered him a job and helped he and his family get on their feet. Leroy treated him like his own son, helping him find housing and furnishings. Shortly thereafter they had two more children Sesario Jr. in 1969 and Rachel in 1970. He was truly a jack of all trades, picking cotton in fields, ranching, mechanizing, welding, and working heavy machinery.

While he was modest, it must be known that Sesario was named Farmer of the Year in Slaton TX two years in a row (1982 and 1983). In the summer of 1984, Sesario and his family moved to Sonora, TX where he began laying concrete. He took on many jobs, reiterating he was a jack of all trades, he worked as a carpenter beside his older brother, running gasoline to various ranch locations for the bulk plant, managed the rest area on I-10, maintenance at Lillian M. Hudspeth Hospital and working as a janitor for the school district. Hard to believe but the man even made spare time to run a lawn mowing service on the side. It wasn’t until the early 90’s, that Sesario found the one job he felt right at home in, working for the City of Sonora in the department of street maintenance. He worked for the City of Sonora for roughly 15 years, even then he wished he could’ve put in another 15 because he loved working outdoors. Especially with those tractors, tractors were the love of his life.

When he wasn’t working, he enjoyed BBQ-ing, listening to ranchera music and drinking those cold Silver Bullets. He would keep his own lawn up, so that the grandkids could play on the large plot of land he came to own. Sesario would work on his vehicles, welded and clean cars on the weekends as well.

He loved his immediate family more than anything, he was the greatest. The greatest father, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, nephew, coworker, and friend. He was humble, modest, compassionate, and giving. He disliked conflict and really wanted his entire family to try and get along. He was a family man through and through. He was THE BEST!