Ruth Turk Espy was born in Mansfield, OH on December 1, 1925 to Leo and Francis Turk. She grew up in Mansfield and attended school at St. Peter’s Schools until her graduation.

After high school, she pursued Registered Nursing training at Mt. Carmel Hospital and School of Nursing in Columbus, OH. After her nursing graduation as a Registered Nurse, she and a friend began to explore around the United States taking nursing positions when their funds were getting low.

She was working as a Registered Nurse in San Angelo when she was introduced to a rancher, Harrell Turney Espy, as she was caring for his hospitalized mother. As Ruth and Harrell got to know each other, they eventually decided to marry. They were married in August 1953 and she joined Harrell for ranching in Sonora. Harrell and Ruth were married exactly 11 years when Harrell suddenly died in August 1964 at age 43 due to cardiac causes.

Ruth had a tough decision to make but due to her love of animals and life on the ranch, she decided to stay and take care of the ranch. Although many in town expected her to soon leave the ranch, she remained on the ranch- usually by herself- for over 60 years taking care of thousands of goats, numerous cattle, as well horses, chickens, dogs and cats as well as deer seeking out her food. She received several awards for her excellent ranching skills. She liked to say: “If I knew that ranching was so much fun, I would have arranged to be born on a ranch.”

Ruth also invited Jesus into her heart and became a dedicated Christian. She joined Lighthouse Community Church and was a faithful member for many years. She was quite a prayer warrior praying for friends, family, the church, the community as well as our state and country. Conversations with her were often wrapped up with her saying: “Remember, Jesus loves you!”

Ruth was joined on the ranch by her sister, Aldrane Schuchmann, after the death of Aldrane’s husband in October 1998 with both being together until Aldrane’s death in 2012.

Ruth is survived by one nephew, John Schuchmann of Temple, TX and his family as well as by the descendants of her other nephew Bob Schuchmann of Henderson, NV.

Due to the very positive influence of Jesus in her life, Ruth would encourage all friends and acquaintances who might hear or read this to seriously consider praying to invite Jesus into their hearts and lives if they have not already done so. Ruth passed away to her Heavenly reward on August 11, 2021.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. at Love Funeral Home Chapel. Interment will follow in Sonora Cemetery. Online condolences may be made at