More than 100 people of all ages were filled with excitement to see and hear Dinosaur George Wednesday, June 26, during a special summer time Jurassic treat at the Civic Center in Sonora.

George Blasing, known as Dinosaur George, captured the attention of children and adults alike using his knowledge, wit and props throughout his presentation.

Hailing from San Antonio, Dinosaur George brought with him a trailer full of life-sized dinosaur bones, skulls, teeth and even claws of many dinosaurs- some familiar to the audience and other not so well-known, to entertain and educate.

The event, part of the Sutton County Library Summer Reading Program, was sponsored by HCTC and free to the public.

Although Dinosaur George hasn’t been around as long as the prehistoric relics in his museum, he has been around the world collecting and studying dinosaurs most of his life.

During the summer months he takes his dinosaur artifacts to libraries all over Texas in hopes of bringing something to kids and families that they may not otherwise get to experience.

“I only travel in Texas during the summer,” Blasing said. “I travel to libraries all over the state because a lot of young kids don’t have the same opportunity to go on vacation. So, for some smaller communities, I am as close to a summer treat as they get. That’s why I do it.”

With a mix of personal stories, educational facts and comedic style impersonations Dinosaur George entertained his audience by showing them everything from the skull of an enormous T-Rex to the tiny skull of a microraptor causing them to shriek and laugh.

Blasing is a self-taught paleontologist, animal behaviorist and author with more than 35 years of study and research experience began his career as Dinosaur George 23 years ago after an opportunity to share his passion with a group of school aged children.

“I have studied and collected dinosaurs my entire adult life,” Blasing said. “So, I had this massive collection in my house and a teacher invited me to come speak and I had such a connection with the kids that I quit my real job, opened up my company and haven’t looked back since.”

Nine years ago, he began traveling with a full museum.

As for Dinosaur George’s favorite Dinosaur, Blasing said he knew it was the Allosaurus from the moment he saw it as a child one Christmas.

“When I was a kid one Christmas, I got these dinosaur toys and within the bag there was one that was named Allosaurus,” Blasing said. “He looked more vicious than everybody else. So, he became my favorite. So as far back as I can remember, I have loved Allosaurus. When I played dinosaurs, I was always the Allosaurus. When I got older there were a few Paleontologists who were experts in Allosaurus and I got to meet them and my love of Allosaurus grew.”

With a little luck, Dinosaur George found an Allosaurus the first time he went dinosaur hunting.

“It was the first dinosaur bone I ever found and it is the one that I’ll never forget,” Blasing said. “The first time I ever got to go dinosaur bone hunting I got permission from a land owner in Utah who let me go on his property,” Blasing said. “The first Dinosaur bone I ever saw sticking out of the ground turned out to be the tail bone of an Allosaurus. It was about as long as my hand. I’ll never forget it. I’ve never had another feeling like that because when I took it out of the ground, I was so afraid I was having a dream that I was almost afraid to get too excited for fear my alarm was going to go off and I was going to wake up. But when it finally settled in that I was holding this bone in my hand - that remains the single greatest discovery of my life. And, it will always be my favorite one.”

As soon as Dinosaur George finished his event, Librarian Deborah Brown said she is already planning his next visit to Sonora.

Brown said she was so excited about the opportunity to bring Dinosaur George to Sonora. And, she was especially happy about the response from the kids.

“This is awesome, Brown said. “Dinosaur George was so funny and he’s educational at the same time. He had us laughing our heads off but the kids learned a lot too. I am ready to have him come back again. Hopefully he will be back in the fall and bring his traveling museum.”

Following the program which lasted about 30 minutes, one by one, children got the chance to walk by the dinosaur exhibit for a closer look and ask questions.

Blasing answered questions from the kids while holding the massive jaw with teeth from a prehistoric giant, which the children reacted to with smiles and squeals of delight.

After hearing Dinosaur George talk about a variety of prehistoric creatures and seeing the collection of bones on exhibit Wednesday, 7-year-old Greyson Moore said he liked Dinosaur George’s program and asserted that he too has been all over the world hunting for dinosaurs.

He’s even been lucky enough to actually find a few bones, he said. Moore said, “I am going to keep hunting for dinosaurs and my mom and dad are going to help me.”

Wide eyed with excitement, Jocelyn Campa said her favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex and she really liked when Dinosaur George held up the big skull bone and opened jaw of the prehistoric giant.

It was especially exciting to get to touch one of the jaw bones and teeth of a dinosaur, she added.

“My favorite part from today was like how he showed us and let us touch the dinosaur bones,” Campa said.

Also a fan of the T-Rex, Sylas Robles said he always wanted to go hunting for a dinosaur, but hasn’t been able to do it yet.

Blasing said he hopes his program inspires kids to read and realize there is a lot of opportunity for them in the world. Emphasizing that through reading he has 

Having learned almost everything he knows about dinosaurs from reading books, Blasing said he hopes program inspires kids to read and imagine the world outside of the community in which they live.

“I hope it inspires them to go online or read books about dinosaurs,” Blasing said. I hope they realize the world is so much bigger than what they may think it is. When you’re young, your idea of opportunity is usually what you see out your back window. So, my hope is that they just saw me hold up bones from all over the world and they go well if he got to go to Africa, Canada, south America how come I don’t get to? I hope I’ve inspired them to look beyond what they consider the walls of their lives and realize yes you may choose to stay and do a job here which is absolutely fine, but at least realize there is more out there.”