Pascual Hernandez
Pascual Hernandez

Each year, AgriLife Extension receives many requests for prevailing rates for certain kinds of work and custom farm or machine operations.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has made available online the results of the 2020 Texas Agricultural Custom Rates survey of regional and state rates charged for custom agricultural operations.

This is a current update of information that has been used extensively over the years.

The publication is 29 pages. The data presented in this publication represent the responses of a survey conducted from January through May of 2020 by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Department of Agricultural Economics. Survey respondents include both providers and users of custom services, and data reflect the prices paid for typical farm and ranch custom operations. In addition, the survey included an online version open to the public.

The results help establish a baseline of rates statewide to further assist with questions inquiring about custom-hire activities.

Custom operations include: tractor rental; tillage operation; planting operations; application of fertilizer and chemicals; haying and silage operations; land preparation, brush control; miscellaneous livestock operations; and more.

Inclusions and exclusions are noted in each section, but typically materials are not included in the rates listed. For each rate, five statistics are reported: number of responses, average rate, minimum, maximum, and most common. For rates where no common responses are recorded, the most common statistic will indicate N/A.

We are very thankful for the people who take the time to complete this survey. Outside of this survey, market information on specific custom work in Texas is very limited to non-existent. This publication provides a range of rates for different services. It’s an important information resource whether you are providing or hiring custom services in Texas agriculture.

The publication can be found at .