Surrounded by family and friends, the Sonora High School class of 2022 walked the stage Friday night, May 27, 2022.

Bronco Stadium was packed and the Mighty Bronco band on hand to provide the music for the processional as all of the graduates followed the junior escorts Molly Friess, Abigail Rodriguez, Tanner Flanagan and Gage Owen into the stadium.

Amaris Jimenez began the ceremony by inviting everyone to join her in a moment of silence to remember those children and teachers who lost their life in the Uvalde shooting. Following the moment of silence she then led the invocation. The band played the Star Spangled Banner as the graduates and crowd rose to their feet and honored the American flag.

High School Principal Christina Rodriguez welcomed all in attendance and provided the graduates with words of wisdom and encouragement.

Kodi Davis delivered her salutatory address, sharing some words of advice. She said, “I will share with you all the biggest lessons that I have learned in high school. Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories. Remember this as you move into your future. Let it influence your decision and your good and bad days.”

She added, “Finally, I want to challenge us with something as we move into our new lives. Strive always to be authentic about who you are and where you came from, and have courage and bravery when faced with adversity about your uniqueness. Never let someone else’s opinions alter who you are and who you plan to one day become.”

Ms. Rodriguez recognized the honor graduates by having them stand as their names were called.

Abby Bennie, Carson Cahill, Jackson Carroll, Yailin Dominguez, Gabrielle Dyar, Elianna Edwards, Kodi Davis, Abigail Fuentes, Brijida Garza, Sophia Gutierrez and Abigail Mendoza.

The top 10% included Abby Bennie, Elianna Edwards, Kodi Davis, Carson Cahill, Abigail Fuentes and Abigail Mendoza.

Elianna Edwards then delivered the valedictory address, she began by thanking all of the parents and educators that have played roles in helping the class achieve their goals. Edwards spoke on looking into the future.

She said, “So don’t be scared to try. Even if you don’t think you are qualified. Even if no one else believes in you. Try. Give your all. Today is the day of opportunity. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Work hard in everything you do. When you’re in midst of working toward your goals, don’t stress. I know that phrase has been uttered many times and how the power behind these words is often overlooked. But they still ring true. Don’t stress, and let me tell you why!

Just think about this, in the future, how important is this thing you are stressing over? Is it really going to matter? Look back 5 years in your own life. Can you remember the C you got on that one test, the missed football catch, the missed dig, the missed hit? Probably not. But do you remember the crazy bus rides or the slightly embarrassing moments that you laughed about for weeks and maybe still laugh about now? My point is, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Try your best and you will have nothing to regret.”

Edwards spoke of what defines you. “I think a lot of people fear failure because they think their achievements define them. That by somehow earning more awards and winning more medals makes them valuable or that they are worthless if they fail. Your worth is not defined by your success. Your worth is defined by the God who created you. The God that loves you right now. The God that knows all of your fears and failures. And, the God that truly knows you. He said you were worth dying for.

John 6:40 says. “For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life.” Christ defines who we are, not our worldly achievements or actions.”

Ms. Rodriguez then certified the class and the presentation of diplomas began. School Board members Mason Martinez and Brenda Mungia handed the graduates their diplomas while Ms. Rodriguez shook hands and moved the tassels and Superintendent Michael Kissire read off their names.
Fingers rose as the Bronco band played the school song and Ariana Arispe delivered the benediction.

The Sonora High School Class of 2022 received over $225,000 in scholarships with most students having already declared their plans to continue their education at the collegiate level.

Congratulations to the class of 2022 and best wishes as you continue to pursue your goals and achieve your dreams.