Sonora 28 – Burnet 54

The Sonora Broncos suffered a 54-28 loss to the Burnet Bulldogs this past Friday, wrapping up the first phase of the 2019 football season.

Despite a lack of support from fans – evident by the empty stands, the 3A Broncos gave the 4A Bulldogs a run for the win.

While it wasn’t the outcome they had hoped for, the Broncos’ offense showed what they can do despite last week’s setback in losing their lead running back Brock Aschenbeck.

Head Coach Kevin Sherrill said over all he was pleased with the game. Moreover, he was happy with the performance of the offense.

“Offensively I felt like we really stepped it up,” Sherrill said. “It was a concerted effort.”

From the sideline, Aschenbeck watched intently as his teammates scored four times and gained an additional 2 points on a touchback.

Assisted in the scoring by his teammates, Senior Wilson Johnson lead the Broncos’ offense this week. He rushed 234 yards out of a total 361. Junior Preston Gonzales followed with 93 rushing yards.

Collectively, the Broncos had a total 391 offense yards compared to Burnet’s 490.

The Broncos gave up just 55 yards on 8 penalties. The Bulldogs allowed 80 yards on 11 penalties.

Following the game, Johnson said he and his teammates have been working on new plays which paid off for them this Friday. However, the defense wasn’t as effective at stopping the Bulldogs, costing Sonora the game.

“We stepped up the offense,” Johnson said. “We put a few new plays on and it ended up working pretty well. It seems like when our defense plays well our offense doesn’t show up and vice versa, but this next week we are going to work on that.”

“It was a good competition,” Sophomore Gavin Boggs added, “We were over thinking it in the second half, instead of just playing the game.”

The Bulldogs were fast at the start, lighting up the scoreboard less than two minutes into the first quarter. Burnet’s Blaine Burkhalter sprinted 30 yards for a touchdown at the 10:03 mark putting the Bulldogs up by 6.

Preston Gonzales put the Broncos on the scoreboard at the 8:41 mark in the first quarter. The extra point gave Sonora the lead 7-6 over Burnet.

Seconds later, the Bulldogs answered with a 50-yard dash by Jaxson Denton and extra point by Matthew Tippie notching the score 13-7 over Sonora.

Devonte Miller gave Burnet a healthy lead with another TD at the 7:07 mark and Tippie added a point pushing them ahead 20-7.

Soon after the teams switched sides of the field, Burkhalter dashed across the end zone again at the 9:30 mark on the clock and the Bulldogs were ahead 26-7.

Determined to stay in the fight, Sonora’s Wilson Johnson gassed 70 yards for a TD at the 9:11 mark in the second quarter. Minutes later he dashed 49 yards for another 6 points. Josh O’Banon was good for two points narrowing the gap 20-26. With just a minute 43 seconds left on the clock, the Broncos gained an additional 2-points when the Bulldogs lined up for the punt and Sonora scored on a touchback.

It looked like the Broncos might stay in the running at the half. Burnet was just 4 points ahead at 26-22 as both teams headed to the locker room.
However, the Bulldogs were quick to score again in the third quarter and never looked back.

Burkhalter was three for three in the third quarter. He scored once with a 12-yard run at the 7:44 mark. Again, on an 87-yard sprint to the end zone at the 4:26 mark. With just 46 seconds left on the clock, Burkhalter scored his last TD for the night.

The Bulldogs found pay dirt once more in the fourth quarter when Marcus Escamilla carried the ball across the end zone at the 3:41 mark.

Despite another touchdown in the fourth quarter by Gonzales at the 5:33 mark, Sonora came up short as the final buzzer sounded.

The Bulldogs went on to claim the win 54-28 over Sonora.

Giving the Broncos due credit, Sherrill said despite the loss he sees progress in his team and they are looking forward to opening district play in two weeks.

“I know what the perception was,” Sherrill said. “You know Brock went down and there’s no doubt about it he is our best player. But I told these guys a team is about more than just one player. And, I think offensively we showed that tonight. I feel like our guys responded and I know they are going to continue to respond against Blanco.”

Sonora will be on the road Friday, October 11, for their district opener against Blanco. Game time is set for 7:30 p.m.

Everyone is encouraged to make the trip and show their support for the Broncos.


BURNET — Blaine Burkhalter 30 yd run, NO PAT, 10:03
SONORA — Preston Gonzales 57 yd run, PAT Good, 8:41
BURNET — Jaxson Denton 50 yd run, PAT Good, 8:18
BURNET — Devonte Miller15 yd run PAT Good, 7:07
BURNET — Blaine Burkhalter 34 yd run, NO PAT, 9:30
SONORA — Wilson Johnson 70 yd run, PAT Good, 9:11
SONORA — Wilson Johnson 49 yd run, PAT Good, 5:13
SONORA — Touchback, 2 pt, 1:43
BURNET — Blaine Burkhalter 12 yd run, PAT Good, 7:44
BURNET — Blaine Burkhalter 87 yd run, PAT Good, 4:26
BURNET — Blaine Burkhalter 13 yd run, PAT Good, 0:46
SONORA — Preston Gonzales 3 yd run PAT Good, 5:33
BURNET — Marcus Escamilla 26 yd run, PAT Good, 3:41Blaine Burkhalter 12 yd run, PAT Good, 7:44

SONORA – Wilson Johnson 22-234, Preston Gonzales 17-93, Caleb Nolen 5-24, Gavin Boggs 3-8, Oscar Gutierrez 1-2
BURNET – Marcus Escamilla 17-145, Isaac Sanchez 1-6, PASSING:
SONORA – Preston Gonzales 4-4 -30
BURNET – Matthew Tippie 17-24-348
SONORA – Aldo DeLuna 3-35
BURNET – Blaine Burkhalter 8-191, Jaxson Denton 2-66, Bradyn McPherson 3-51, Marcus Escamilla 2-18, Devonte Miller 1-15, Luke Kiser 1-7