As of October 6, the state has reported 773,435 cases in 252 counties since the coronavirus pandemic began. Of those cases, 85 have been assigned to Sutton County so far, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) website. The DSHS website also shows three deaths for Sutton County, related to COVID-19/coronavirus.

A similar state generated report (PSAP), which is provided to Sutton County Judge Steve Smith, reflects the total number of positive cases at 92. In addition, the PSAP report shows 84 recovered, two active and one death for Sutton County. Five of the cases have been lost to follow up, according to the state.

This report is used to determine whether or not Sutton County must follow the state mandated face covering requirement.

On the other hand, data provided by Lillian M. Hudspeth Hospital, the San Angelo Health Department and National Guard shows a collective total of 107 confirmed cases of the virus for Sutton County.

The latest COVID report from LMH shows a total of 64 people have tested positive for COVID-19. The most recent daily report from the San Angelo Health Department shows a total of 38 confirmed cases of coronavirus for Sutton County. In addition, the National Guard reported five positive tests resulting from a one-day mobile testing site in Sonora this past July.

The first death for Sutton County attributed to COVID-19 occurred on July 12, according to the state’s website. Two additional deaths were reported on August 13 and August 15.

In response to the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) required all COVID-19 diagnostic and screening testing sites to report data for all diagnostic and screening testing completed for each individual tested. As well, the data must be reported daily, within 24 hours of test completion, to the appropriate local and state officials.

While it has become impossible to know with certainty how many people have been or still are infected with the virus and how many have recovered, DSHS estimates that currently there are three or four active cases in Sutton County and about 77 people have recovered after contracting coronavirus.