A Sonora Independent School District employee was reprimanded when a video surfaced showing a bus driving recklessly while transporting 52 Sonora students to an out of town trip.

While following a Sonora ISD bus carrying more than 50 students, including his own child, on an out of town field trip Samuel Gonzales felt the need to video what he was seeing Wednesday, April 3.

Gonzales shared the video with School officials and others in the community including law enforcement.

The video showed a yellow Sonora ISD bus traveling at a high rate of speed along a 2 lane road between Sonora and Abilene.

The bus passed an 18-wheeler on the left side speeding up to get around it and avoid oncoming traffic.

Then the bus sped up to pass two vehicles on the left side around a curve in the road narrowly missing oncoming traffic.

Gonzales’s voice was also heard in the audio of the video describing the bus taking chances while passing other vehicles on the narrow two lane road endangering the children on board.

“I feel like I have to document this dumb [explicative] bus driver trying to pass 18-wheelers on corners - Doesn’t stop at railroad tracks, almost had a head on collision passing someone on a corner earlier, had to hit the breaks and get back behind the truck. Driving like a complete fool. For the most part they are running 75 to 80 miles per hour, Gonzales said.”

Sonora ISD Superintendent Ross Aschenbeck confirmed the incident as well as watching the video himself and offered the following comment.
“I have seen the video and he was removed immediately from driving the bus,” Aschenbeck said. “We have taken the appropriate actions and he will no longer be driving any Sonora ISD busses.”

School Board member Shanna Castro said the board is also aware of the incident. Further, she supports the decision of Aschenbeck and supports his actions.

The Devil’s River News reached out to Gonzales who commented only on feeling remorse for being the reason for any negative consequences for the district employee, especially those affecting his job.

He confirmed his child was on the bus while he was capturing the video, but would not answer any further questions.

“Look, I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Gonzales said. “I feel bad that I have caused this guy to get in trouble. I think the whole town of Sonora has seen the video now and I don’t want to cause this guy any more problems than I already have. I don’t think putting it in the newspaper is going to help.”