On Monday, July 11, 2022 the Sutton County Commissioners met to hear monthly reports and were surprised to hear disappointment from one of their own.

Commissioner Carl Teaff said that although he was unable to attend the prior meeting that was held June 27, 2022 he did not expect to come back and see that the expenditure of more than $240,000 of the $330,000 from the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds had been approved. Teaff was to be present via conference call but his connection was lost before funds were discussed. “I cannot publicly talk about it without getting mad,” he said during the Monday morning meeting.

Originally, the commissioners and judge had agreed to sit down, discuss and prioritize where the funds would best suit Sonora and Sutton County, but that has not the case, he said.

A list of requests was given out during the June 27th meeting. Divided into three categories the list of requests were as follows: Water and Sewer Infrastructure, City of Sonora - $99,692.88; Emergency Management, Sonora Volunteer Fire Department - $15,842.46; Sutton County EMS - $33,326.96; Sutton County Sheriff’s Office - $66, 087.30; Sutton County Offices - estimated $20,684.00 - $37,399.90; Sutton County Emergency Facility (Civic Center); Lost Revenue Suggestions, Annex, Jail, Courthouse, Library and Cemetery.

Teaff stated that he and Judge Rachel Duran had previously spoken about some of these matters yet they were brought before the court knowing he would be absent.

“I am all for supporting these entities but there are other means to go about asking for some of this funding,” Teaff said. He then looked at Judge Duran and said, “I hope you are not planning on presenting the budget the way you have done this.”

Teaff also noted that he feels the judge-elect should be present during the budget workshops and meetings being that this will be his budget when she is out of office.

In other business, David Blesing was present seeking a waiver of rental fees for the arena and pavilion. Blesing informed the commissioners that Sutton County Days will take place August 12th and 13th this year with the county roping being August 11, 2022. Commissioner Lee Bloodworth praised Blesing on all the work and turnaround that has been done with the rodeo. Bloodworth said, “We are grateful for everything. You have taken a fallen enterprise and turned it around, don’t pay a penny.” This also includes waving the fees the rodeo pays for the electricity during the event.

Deborah Brown with the Sutton County Library reported that the Summer Reading Program was a big success this year. It was fun and involved for kids of all ages and adults. During the month of June they had 610 adult visitors and 277 kids. She said she hoped to hear something by late August or early September about the furniture grant that had been submitted. The library is currently closed on Saturdays due to lack of employees but hopes to reopen on Saturdays in August.

Road and Bridge Superintendent Robert Hughes told the commissioners that his crews are getting ready to seal coat on Cusenbary Road and they are working on paving in the Loma Alta division. Hughes also mentioned that he was only able to hire one summer hand due to lack of applications. When questioned about the pay he replied that next year they will have to look at taking that up to compete with other places in town. Currently summer help is set at $8.00 an hour.

Judge Rachel Duran presided over the meeting with Commissioners Carl Teaff, Lee Bloodworth and Fred Perez in attendance. Commissioner Bob Brockman was absent.

The Sutton County Commissioners meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in the annex building. The pubic is encouraged to attend.