Sutton County Commissioners met on Monday, August 22, 2022 to handle a light agenda.

Commissioner Lee Bloodworth expressed his gratitude of thanks to Robert Hughes and the Road and Bridge Department for the fine job of paving in the Loma Alta/ Sinaloa subdivision.

The commissioners approved a request to advertise for two jailers. Currently the sheriff’s office is operating with only three jailers.

The positions are vacant but the salary is in the budget. These will be full-time positions with an increased salary.

Sutton County Clerk Pam Thorp presented the list of names for precinct election judges and alternate judges.

Precinct 101 will be Maria Mesa and Adelita Alvarez, alternate. 201 is Danine Brister and Florie Gonzales, alternate. 301 is Melissa Teaff and Erica Yearout, alternate. Finally, precinct 401 is Sam David Hernandez and Betty Hernandez, alternate.

Judge Rachel Duran presided over the meeting with commissioners Fred Perez, Carl Teaff, Lee Bloodworth and Bob Brockman in attendance.

The Sutton County Commissioners meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in the Sutton County Annex. The public is encouraged to attend.