Sutton County Commissioners approved seven out of eight items ranging from insurance, employment, 9-1-1 services and AC5 during Monday’s special meeting, June 24, 2019.

All of the items approved passed with by a unanimous margin.

Before taking votes, commissioners heard a report from Tax Assessor-Collector Kathy Marshall and reviewed the accounts payable as presented by County Auditor Maura Weingart.

Marshall reported a total of $44,193.10 received for the Vehicle Titles and Registration during the month of May 2019. Of that amount the county retained $15,307.49.

Additionally, she reported an amount of $16,969.95 collected for Property tax during May with the county’s portion being $16,492.48.
Looking over the accounts payable, Commissioner Mike Villanueva asked about an expense owed to the Hospital. Satisfied with the explanation, there was no further discussion.

Commissioners then turned their attention to action items first approving a bid to provide AC5 by Wright Asphalt Production.

Then, commissioners heard a presentation regarding county health insurance benefits by Zesch & Pickett Insurance LLP before accepting the proposed plan with the exception of dental coverage.

As well, they gave their OK to recognize Friday, July 5, as an extra holiday for county employees.

Next, the court approved a resolution supporting the designation of an extension of I-27 and moved on to a discussion about an interlocal agreement for E9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point Services between Sutton County and Concho Valley Council of Governments.

Commissioners approved the 9-1-1 system which is already in use in Sutton County with equipment in place at the Sheriff’s Office.

Next, Sheriff Oscar Chavez requested to advertise for two employment positions. The positions include a dispatcher/jailer and a jailer at the Sheriff’s Office. In two separate motions, Commissioners approved advertising for the two positions.

Last on the list of action items, commissioners talked about an Order for disbursement of salaries and routine office expenses before putting it to a vote. The Order allows more flexibility in taking care of budgeted expenses without the need to bring them to Commissioners Court each time.
No action was taken on the renewal of an AirMed Contract. The item was tabled pending further review.

Reporting on the remediation of the Courthouse Annex, Judge Steve Smith said all of the mold and has been eradicated and a recent environmental test revealed no harmful contaminants inside or outside of the building.

Now, county leaders can move forward with seeking bids for interior and exterior remodeling.

Following that discussion, Commissioner Carl Teaff asked for an update on the Courthouse Security upgrades. There was nothing new to report.
With no further business or public comments, the meeting was adjourned.

County Judge Steve Smith presided over the meeting. Commissioners Bob Brockman, Mike Villanueva, Fred Perez and Carl Teaff were present.
The next regular meeting of the Sutton County Commissioners is scheduled for Monday, July 8, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. at the County Annex Building.