On Monday, December 14, 2021 Sutton County Commissioners met for the final time in 2021.

Outside auditor Wane Beyer with Beyer and Company was on hand to go over the 2020-2021 fiscal year audit and answer any questions. The commissioners had no questions.

Overall, Beyer stated that the county does a very good job managing and meeting the budget. For being such a small community Sonora does a good job leading them to have a surplus of over $200,000.

During the JP Report, Joseph Harris announced that he has filed and will be running for Sutton County Judge in the May election. Harris apologized for his late notice but due to time limits it was best for him to wait.

Deborah Brown gave a library report stating that due to a donor they were able to purchase the solar blinds for the computer lab. According to Brown, since the blinds have been installed in the main part of the library the electric bill has gone down $40.

Brown also informed the commissioners that they have been approved for the $7,500 grant for a new catalog system. The system, considered more “high-tech,” will allow the library to borrow books from or loan to surrounding libraries.

County Attorney Dawn Cahill reported that there have been 3 hot checks written in Sonora but all from the same individual.

Donna Garrett with the Sonora Chamber of Commerce was present to talk to the commissioners about electricity at the circle at the county park. A bid was given by Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative for $3,600. The bid would be running electricity from the main pole underground and setting a pedestal in the opposite corner to allow for more outlets. AEP donated $2,000 towards the project. Garrett told the commissioners if they would provide the man power for digging the ditch the chamber would cover the other cost.

Commissioners Carl Teaff and Lee Bloodworth looked at the diagram and asked Garrett if this was the only bid. She said it was. Both commissioners asked for other bids and to have it ran around the edge of the circle and not straight through the center. Garrett will return to with additional bids when they are available.

County commissioners voted to reinstate the burn ban due to high winds around the county.

The court dismissed for a brief executive session to discuss real property and the court assistant salary. Judge Rachel Duran asked for a motion to approve the hourly pay at which the individual is already at. Before a motion was made Sutton County Treasurer Janell Martin spoke up saying that according to the pay scale at that rate it would be over the max salary for that position. Although the employee has been with the county for five years the maximum salary cannot be exceeded.

Property at Allison Park was discussed. It was noted that legal advice is being sought to see if it would be possible to sell the property. Commissioner Lee Bloodworth made a motion for the county attorney to seek an Attorney General’s opinion regarding the possible sale of the property.

Judge Rachel Duran presided over the meeting with commissioners Fred Perez, Carl Teaff, Bob Brockman and Lee Bloodworth in attendance. Due to the Christmas holidays, the commissioners court will meet next on January 10, 2022 in the annex.