Sutton County Commissioners met on Monday, September 12, 2022 to vote on a proposed tax rate.

The current tax rate is set at 69.2861 cents per $100 valuation. The new rate that will be going into effect will be a 3.91 decrease. Commissioner Carl Teaff made a motion to adopt a new rate of 66.5752 cents per $100 valuation and the motion passed unanimously. The new, lower rate will generate approximately 3.5% more revenue, about $144,588.88.

The 3.5% revenue increase was a cap the county could not exceed without approval of the voters. The county commissioners will hold a proposed tax rate public hearing on September 20, 2022 at 9 a.m.

During the budget hearing portion of Monday’s meeting, Commissioner Lee Bloodworth made a motion to give all county employees, elected and appointed, except commissioners themselves, a 5% pay increase. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Bob Brockman and approved by the court.
During the discussion of salaries, numerous questions arose about how pay scales are established and legal requirements that must be followed. It was noted that the pay scale used to be black and white, but now there are a lot of gray areas. The commissioners will be revisiting the question at an upcoming meeting.

Sutton County Judge Rachel Duran opened the single bid that was received for the truck scale. The bid came from A1 Scales Service Inc out of San Antonio, Texas. The bid was for an amount of $156,3000.00. Currently there are only about $30,000.00 in the budget for this project. The remaining balance will be moved over from the reserve account to begin the project.

The Sutton County Public Library will be undertaking a library furniture transformation beginning in Spring 2023. They applied for and received a generous $100,000 grant from the Tocker Foundation to update and refresh the furniture and spaces. The new furniture will better accommodate people of all sizes and heights, provide more spaces for working in groups or individually, along with a dedicated children's area, STEM room/reading room.

There will be better access to books, as the tops of the bookcases will be lowered, which allows for better lighting throughout the library. Sutton County Librarian Deborah Brown says, “We are so excited for this transformation, as it gives all of our patrons an updated place to enjoy and come together.”

The Tocker Foundation promotes Texas public libraries in communities of 12,000 or less. Many library projects were reviewed for the benefits to be provided to the community. Grant applications are reviewed by a grant review committee of librarians appointed by the Texas Library Association.

Sutton County Road and Bridge Superintendent Robert Hughes told the commissioners that seal coat projects are complete for the year. He also said that his employees are working on blading edges and mowing.

Sutton County Judge Rachel Duran presided over the meeting with Commissioners Carl Teaff, Bob Brockman and Lee Bloodworth in attendance. Commissioner Fred Perez was absent.

The commissioners meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in the Sutton County Annex meeting room and the public is encouraged to attend.