During the regular meeting of the Commissioners Court of Sutton County on Monday, December 14, 2020 at 9 a.m. David Wallace, County Attorney and Mike Villanueva, County Commissioner were honored for their service and upcoming retirements.

Mike Villanueva served the residents of Sutton County as Commissioner from 1985 until present, 38 years. Villanueva thanked the community and those he has served with over the years.

David Wallace served the community for 35 years as County Attorney from 1985-2020. Wallace thanked the many public servants and county employees he has worked with over the years and announced that while he will be retiring from service as the County Attorney he will continue his private practice.

Both were honored with Texas flags that have flown at the State Capital, plaques of appreciation and watercolor artwork by local artist Javier Weingart.

Judge Steve Smith honored each retiree with these tokens of appreciation and many kind words thanking both Villanueva and Wallace for all they have contributed to ensure the success of Sutton County over the years.

Following the presentation, Commissioners took action on a number of agenda items. First, they approved the accounts payable and auditor’s report.

Next, they voted to approve issuing a burn ban for Sutton County to be in effect over the next 90 days. Discussion and approval followed concerning banning the sale of bottle rockets and fireworks with sticks and fins in Sutton County, due to dry conditions. The parking lot at the rodeo grounds will be open on New Year’s Eve so residents can use fireworks safely.

The Commissioners approved Dr. Will Griffin to replace Dr. Charles Pajestka beginning January 1, 2021 as the County Health Authority for the coming year, 2021-2022.

Approval was received to advertise for the employment position of Maintenance Supervisor/Maintenance Worker.

The Justice of the Peace report was heard and approved with a reported $150,244.44 collected in the month of November.

DuWayne Castro, Chief Deputy of The Sutton County Sheriff’s Department presented the Jailer and Sheriff’s Report. Castro also reported the Sheriff’s Department received a grant to purchase a Polaris which will be used when the department is conducting business in the remote areas of the county. There was a delivery delay of the Polaris, however they are hoping to have it in Sonora in the near future.

The library report was presented by Deborah Brown, reporting large donations of books received and several children using the library to complete virtual learning requirements.

Robert Hughes presented the road and bridge report stating the department completed a large project on Bond Road and were in the process of replacing damaged hand rails at the courthouse.Hughes also reported this week the department will be working to get the Christmas lights at the courthouse hung.

The extension office report was delivered by Pascual Hernandez who explained that on January 6, 2021 the extension office will hold the yearly meeting, which includes details on the agricultural impact on Sutton County.

The Community Supervision Community Detention (CSCD) report was presented by Wendy Geaselin.

Janelle Schniers, County Treasurer reported an ending balance of $8,717.297.21 for November 2020.

A lengthy discussion about county policy and confusion regarding the use of bad weather days, funeral leave and other leave during the COVID-19 crisis. The Family Medical Leave Act was also discussed. The commissioners determined that it would be best to seek guidance from James Kosub, an attorney specializing in labor law.

These topics will be addressed again during the next meeting of the commissioners court when Mr. Kosub can provide some options or recommendations to the commissioners.

Rachel Duran, County Clerk provided the total revenue collected at $4,456.25.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

County Judge Steve Smith presided over the meeting with commissioners Mike Villaneuva, Carl Teaff and Bob Brockman present. Commissioner-elect Lee Bloodworth and

County Attorney Elect Dawn Cahill were also in attendance. Commissioner Fred Perez was absent.

The next regular meeting of the Commissioner’s Court of Sutton County is set for Monday, December 28, 2020 at 9 a.m. at the Civic Center.