The southern border is under crisis due to an influx of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States. Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio sector are reportedly apprehending an average of over 600 migrants per day.

Most recently eight illegal immigrants were killed when a high speed crash ended in a head on collision thirty miles north of Del Rio on highway 277.
The crash resulted in the three additional victims, the driver of the car attempting to smuggle illegal immigrants and a driver and passenger of the other vehicle involved receiving medical treatment.

In Sutton County local ranchers have reported burglaries and sightings of illegal immigrants walking on their property.

Congressman Tony Gonzalez has asked Biden to send the necessary resources to control the situation “America is beautiful and what makes us beautiful is that we are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. Border security and legal immigration go hand and hand. My district is over 800 miles of Texas and Mexico border. I am on the border every single week and what I am seeing is that this Administration’s open border rhetoric has caused a crisis. I urge this Administration to listen to those that are on the border - Democrats and Republicans alike. Listen to the crisis that has occurred. We are traveling to the border again early next week. I urge the Biden Administration to take hold and focus on legal immigration, not illegal immigration.”

While legal immigration for adults continues to be limited due to COVID-19. The changes made by the Biden administration aimed at eliminating the “remain in Mexico” immigration policy that was in place under Trump has resulted in roughly 25,000 immigrants entering the country.
Under Biden’s new immigration policy these immigrants will be allowed to live in the US while awaiting their trial to gain citizenship.
To help house the illegal immigrants FEMA is opening a shelter in the Dallas convention center, mostly to help house unaccompanied minors. Another holding camp is being utilized in Midland.

While many Sutton County residents are experiencing the effects of the crisis at the border, there are similar reports across the country from states that border Mexico. Sutton County Sheriff Oscar Chavez reports that he and his deputies have been assisting the Rocksprings division of the border patrol when necessary. However, most of the assistance has occurred on I-10.