Sheriff’s Deputies are still investigating an incident in which a house in Sonora was vandalized.

Friday morning, property owner Carl Teaff came up to check on the property and discovered the windows and doors of his house shattered and broken out of their frames. Although the house was vacant, damages to the inside of the house were so extensive that he called it a total loss.

“This was intentional,” Teaff said. “This house has been here since the mid 1970s and it has been vacant for almost 20 years. I’ve never had any problems with it. No one has ever vandalized it before.”

The house at 104 Thompson Road is on the same property where construction has begun on a new 5G cell tower. Teaff leased the property to CT Cube, LLC dba West Central Wireless last October for the purpose of building the cell tower.

He reported the incident to the Sutton County Sheriff’s Office and three deputies responded.

Chief Deputy DuWayne Castro said he hasn’t seen vandalism of a house this extensive in a while. This type of crime is not usual in Sutton County, he added.

“It’s been about seven or eight years since we’ve seen damage this bad,” Castro said. “We haven’t seen this [vandalism] in a good while. This looks like kids may have done it.”

The last incident of this type involved kids and they were caught and prosecuted, Castro added.

Deputies Justin Gutierrez and Marcos Guajardo were also on scene, combing the premises and documenting damages.

Deputies spoke with Teaff before questioning the owner of a nearby residence.

Cynthia Schiotis and her husband Tom, who own property adjacent to Teaff, have voiced concerns along with their objection to the construction of the 5G tower.

The matter has been a topic of conversation among City and county officials as well as leaders of the Sutton County Hospital District.

When asked by Deputy Gutierrez if she had seen or heard anything unusual recently, Schiotis replied “No.”

Schiotis told Deputy Gutierrez that the house was vandalized, “a long time ago.” She explained that she saw Teaff and his family move furniture and other items out of the house some time ago. She said she thinks they may even be responsible for the damages.

Teaff said the house was not damaged the last time he checked on it during the last week or two.

An RV motor home parked in front of the home was untouched.

Teaff hitched it to his truck and said he was moving it to avoid anything happening to it as well.

“This happened because of all of the stuff going on with this cell tower,” Teaff said. “It is just sad.”

Castro said Sheriff’s Deputies will continue their investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Sutton County Sheriff’s Office at 387- 2288.