Sonora Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors listened to proposed plan to build a long term care facility during their regular meeting Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Following the approval of general consent items as presented, January 8, 2020.meeting minutes, January 2020 expenses and financial report as presented, board members turned their attention to Lillian M Hudspeth Hospital Administrator Andy Kolb.

Kolb presented an overview of intended hospital district projects such as a behavioral health program and long term care facility in Sonora.

Throughout his address, Kolb reminded board members of the need for their support as well as that of the community as a whole to ensure the success of the projects.

Kolb proposed plans to build a multi-million dollar facility which will include a 40 room nursing home and 16 assisted living apartment units nearby.

From an economic standpoint, Kolb said his plans is includes 45-55 jobs to be filled by a variety of skilled individuals. These jobs will bring professionals to the community as new residents and taxpayers. Some of the employment positions may be filled by local residents.

As for expected costs associated with the facility, Kolb mentioned the need to purchase a vehicle and staff to operate it for the purpose of resident transportation.

EDC Director David Smith inquired about the transportation services mentioned. Specifically, he asked if long term care and skilled care facility residents could utilize the services provided by Concho Valley Transit (Thunderbird). Kolb explained the unique nature of needing a dedicated transportation vehicle and staff to provide rides to and from appointments and other places for these individuals.

In addition to the professional administrative and skilled nursing employees, Kolb also talked about the need for a dietician and kitchen staff to prepare resident’s meals. In answer to another question form the board, Kolb clarified that an on-site kitchen and cafeteria will provide resident’s meals daily.

As well, meals would be available for the public in a cafeteria type setting. He said there will also be a need to hire employees to fill positions relating to resident activities, maintenance and housekeeping.

Further conversation focused on infrastructure needs and requirements. Some of which are already available while others could be met with help from the City of Sonora. Kolb thanked the board for their consideration as he concluded the discussion.

Next, board members moved on to other business.

Board President Jim Polonis indicated the need to table the next two items on the agenda until a future date.

The board agreed to postpone discussion of upgrades to the city baseball field and Main Street project.

After a recap by Smith, the board voted to approve an amendment to Schedule A of the Eaton Hill Performance agreement. As discussed in their December meeting. The board also approved the SEDC Fiscal Year 2019 Audit and the January bank statement reconciliation as presented. In a separate motion board members unanimously approved a resolution as prepared by Smith reflecting an audit recommendation regarding EDC bank statements. The resolution specified that a board member will also review the monthly bank statement reconciliations.

Additionally, Smith gave an update on the City of Sonora and SEDC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concerning City projects. The MOU was approved by City Council members this past January.

Smith said he asked City Manager Art Fuentes to outline projects the City intends to propose for consideration in 2020. He said he is concerned that the project costs will exceed the 40 percent allocation by SEDC to fund the City projects.

Next, the board reviewed the Project Report and Manager’s Report for January, 2020.

In his ongoing and special grants report, Smith reported a total of $399,361.80 in committed funds and $157,988.57 in uncommitted money remaining in Money Market.

The breakdown showed an estimated $317,662.95 in reserve for SEDC/City MOU grant funds for a term of 36 months. Additionally, the report reflected $48,500 approved for Eaton Hill for a term of 12 months. Of that amount, $13,500 has been paid and $35,000 remains committed.

In other projects, $25,000 is set aside for Disaster Relief. A total of $40,000 is designated to “Special Grants Project” of which $21,698.85 has been paid.

In his Manager’s report, Smith noted interest in the ALCO building. There were no other details discussed. He also reported that there are three possible grant applications for projects. As well, he said he has spoken with an ASU Small Business Center representative regarding the status of two of the three proposed projects.

Lastly, Smith said he has a letter to a prospective wind turbine company and he has begun research in warehousing and importing goods from Mexico.
Before adjourning, board members heard remarks on business development, tourism committee and advertising cooperative involving more social media outreach.

There were no visitors or comments.

Board President Jim Polonis presided over the meeting. Board members, Anita Hudson, Pascual Hernandez, Espy Whitehead, Tonya Brown and Tara Wagoner were present.

Board Member JoAnn Hernandez was absent.

The Sonora Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the SEDC Office located at 307 E. Oak Street.