Sonora sixth grade students went above and beyond their math class challenge.

Sixth grade math teacher Jeanette Schmitz challenged her students to raise $215 to purchase 10 animals for global families through the World Bank. The World Bank estimates 97 million more people were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020 by the impacts of the global crisis- a “historically unprecedented increase.”

Many families in developing countries have had to sell off the livestock they depend on, leaving them no resources to feed their children and with no building blocks for the future.

These students saw where this gift would help a family put food on the table, revive their livelihood and restore hope for their future. The students came up with the bake sale idea and ran with it. They made the flyers to help promote the event along with sign up sheets for their fellow classmates.

With only a one day notice many parents of the students pitched in and baked into the night. They were at the school by 7 a.m. to set up their booth for business. They could also be seen walking the hallways pushing a cart full of baked goods and drinks.

With the help of staff and students from both the elementary and high school campuses, the 6th grade class exceeded their goal and raised over $400.00.
Talk about sharing the love! The funds raised will help purchase at least one goat, two ducks, three rabbits and four chickens. This variety and number of animals will help meet needs for milk, meat, eggs and more. Schmitz said, “I am very proud of how they accepted the challenge to give this Christmas.”
The sixth grade class is on a mission to see how they can help another family since exceeding their goal.