The Sutton County Library just added four new computers geared to help youngsters learn while having fun using the latest in children’s learning technology.

Librarian Deborah Brown said the opportunity was made possible through grant funds received this past October.

Brown said she applied for the Ladd & Katherine Hancher Library Foundation Grant last March in the hopes of purchasing the AWE Learning computers, software and accessories.

Additionally, Brown said she wanted to expand what the library resources currently offers to children that would also reinforce what they are learning in school.

Likening the computer systems to the educational toy Leapfrog, Brown said the AWE Learning system is more advanced but just as much if not more fun.

Anticipating the opportunity to offer the technology-based learning to children, she said she had almost given up hope when she finally received word this past October that a grant in the amount of $13,976 had been approved.

With the money she was able to purchase four computer packages, according to Brown. Two of the computers are specific to ages two through six years and two are geared for ages six through 12 years.

Brown said the computers are not connected to the internet so they keep kids safe from the worries that go along with cyber based learning tools.
Additionally, the software is designed to enhance learning in areas of reading, mathematics, science, art, engineering and technology.

“They are safe while providing educational programming for fun, interesting and engaging learning,” Brown said. “With the software they can build, construct and create while also reading and working with numbers.”

Each computer has a touch screen, color coded keyboard, mouse, and other accessories such as headphones. As well, they offer bilingual programs scaled to specific age levels and have the option of English or Spanish language.

Located in the same area as other computers in the library, they offer the advantage of offering kids something educational and interactive while keeping them close by adults who are also utilizing library computers.

Brown said she couldn’t be more excited or pleased to be able to provide kids with the AWE Learning experience at the Sutton County Library.
“It’s great. It is fun and educational. They get to enjoy while learning,” Brown said.