Sharon Holman has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Dorper Breeders Society, a 1,000 member organization whose goal is promoting Dorper and White Dorper sheep and working to establish them as a significant element of the sheep industry in the United States.

Raising award winning Dorper and White Dorper sheep since 2006, Holman’s sheep have been sold and exhibited across the nation.

National Champions as well as major stock show champions across the nation frequently have genetics from her flocks.

Holman saw her first Dorper sheep in South Africa in 1999 while visiting boer goat stud breeders.

A boer goat breeder from 1994 to 2014, Holman served on the board of the American Boer Goat Association for several years and currently serves as a director of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association.

A lifelong and full-time rancher in Sutton, Edwards, and Schleicher Counties, Holman said she is especially proud that her sheep thrive on native range with minimal inputs and labor while producing a high yielding mild flavored carcass. In addition to her sheep, Holman said she also utilizes angora and Spanish goats and a few cows to manage her range resources.