The monthly Sutton County Hospital District meeting was held on Monday evening, December 13th at the Sutton County Civic Center. The joint meeting was held with the Hudspeth Ranch Board and the Sutton County Health Foundation.

The board heard a report from Bob Brockman on the status of the ranch. Brockman stated that the ranch had been hit hard due to anthrax in recent years but they had been able to keep the hunters that they have had. Like most of Sutton County, they do need rain desperately as it is very dry. During the past year the ranch was able to donate a considerable amount towards the Behavioral Health Center.

Rachel Duran with the Sutton County Health Foundation stated that the annual fish fry had been a huge success. She said they have been able to purchase two devices for the hospital and to provide seven scholarships.

Following the approval of several items on the agenda the board members heard a brief presentation from Hunter Jennings Hohensee, Alvis F. Johnson Home Health/Hospice. Hohensee stated they are working on several items that will benefit the patients and are currently assisting three patients.
The most discussed topic on the agenda was the purchase of four new hospital beds. Joe Marshall noted that there were three broken down beds for which parts are unavailable due to them being considered at the end of their useful life.

Hillary Galindo, DON, stated that the pulmonary wound care bed screen is going out. Marshall said that he had obtained bids from two different companies, one of which is the Stryker company. He and Galindo stated that this brand of bed is the one with which the nurses are most familiar.
It was brought to the board’s attention that they might be able to obtain a price break by replacing all hospital beds instead of purchasing three beds and a single specialty bed. After a brief discussion, board member Edward Earwood made a motion to purchase all new beds, at a price not to exceed $90,000.
The motion was seconded by Noami Samaniego and approved by the remaining board members. The board then moved to approve the physician agreement between the hospital and Dr. Charles Pajestka.

CEO Steve Smith gave a brief report on activities at the hospital. He mentioned the renovations that are happening, the creation of a support group for care givers and had a high praise for the staff at the clinic and hospital.

The hospital board meets the second Monday of every month. The public is encouraged to attend.