On Monday evening, May 16, 2022 the Sutton County Hospital Board met in regular session. The meeting was called to order by Mark Edwards.

After confirmation of a quorum and that the meeting had been duly called, the board moved to public comments. Board member Mary Humphrey spoke. She thanked the hospital staff for the excellent care her grand daughter received after a recent visit.

The board moved forward with the business of approving prior months minutes as well as a canvas of the votes for the recent hospital election.
The newly elected hospital trustee Ben Pool, as well as Mary Humphrey and Noami Samaniego were given the oath of office. After the board members were sworn in, Mark Edwards, excused himself from the meeting.

The board then went on to elect new officers for the board. Edward Earwood was elected Board President, Mary Humphrey was elected Vice President, and Chris Badgett was elected Secretary.

Board Members approved the purchase of a high flow oxygen machine called a Vapotherm. This machine was used during COVID to keep patients off of a vent. To purchase the machine the Hospital will be using COVID funds they have received.

The board also approved the upgrade of the Blue Code system that the hospital currently uses. This system is used to alert additional hospital staff in case of a emergency. They also approved applying for the CIP grant for the purchase of a new ambulance.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after seven. The board meets every third Monday of the month. The public is invited to attend.