The Sutton County Hospital District Board of trustees met at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 14, in the Sutton County Civic Center.

The board handled an agenda of routine items followed by a lengthy discussion of contracts presented for approval, which were eventually tabled for discussion during the next meeting.

The contracts reviewed included a pair of proposed deals with Dr. Axel E. Martinez. The first contract presented was an agreement between the Hospital District and Dr. Martinez to serve as Medical Director for the new Hospice Program.

The second contract, again between the Hospital District and Dr. Martinez, was to secure an agreement where Dr. Martinez would use billing and electronic health record services through the rural health clinic while seeing patients residing in area nursing home facilities.

This agreement included a financial arrangement where Dr. Martinez would only receive payment from the district if he treated patients. There would be no regular salary or benefits. However, his address listed on the contract was in Florida, prompting board Member Sharon Holman to question interim CEO Lance Keilers about the physician listing an out of state address on the contract.

Board member Edward Earwood said that he would like time to review the contract in greater detail. The contracts were tabled until the next regular board meeting.

The board then acted to name the behavioral health building currently under construction the Andy Kolb Behavioral Health Center, in honor of the late CEO.

The trustees then entered closed session to interview of a candidate for the CEO position.

Following the interview Board President Mark Edwards opened the meeting back up to the public for adjournment.

The meeting was led by Board President Mark Edward with trustees Irene Dominguez, Sharon Holman, Noemi Samaniego, Edward Earwood, John Henry Stauch and Mary Humphrey in attendance.

The Sutton County Hospital District board of trustees normally meets the second Monday of each month, but meeting times and dates are subject to change.
The public is welcome to attend all meetings.