As soon as the Special Session convened on July 8th, the Texas House immediately got to work. Members started working to advance various pieces of legislation identified by Governor Abbott as priority items for the special session to consider.

One of those items, and one of the items many of you have heard about, is election integrity.

I authored and introduced House Bill 3, the priority legislation for the Texas House that would guarantee that our election system is uniform and consistent while preserving and improving voter access.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming days about this bill and the important reforms it puts in place.

This past weekend the Select House Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies met to hear HB 3.

Following my 5-hour layout on Saturday -- including direct questioning from members of the committee.

I attentively listened to 9 hours of testimony from stakeholders and witnesses before the committee formally voted to advance HB 3 to the House floor.

Unfortunately, only 48 hours later this legislation and other crucial bills were been brought to an immediate halt when more than 50 Texas House Democrats departed the state on several private planes to Washington D.C., breaking the quorum requirements needed to allow the Texas House to consider and pass bills, debate legislation in committees or do other important business.

Their actions now leave retired teachers without a 13th Check, zero property tax relief for property owners, and no solution to the Texas border crisis.

Upon my election as State Representative, I understood the duty, responsibility, and commitment that comes with representing the Texas Hill Country, West Texas and South Texas.

I will always remain committed to fighting for my constituency and folks all across Texas.

Republican members of the Texas House are on the floor and will continue to be here to serve the people, even without the quorum needed to pass legislation.

We are committed to continuing to work for the issues important to our constituents and we all know we still have a lot of work to do in this special session or the next.

I’ll be here, present and ready, to serve you, and I hope my Democrat colleagues will rejoin me to continue to do the work of the Texas House.
Republican Andrew Murr is proud to represent Sutton County in the Texas House of Representatives.

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