Sonora ISD Board of Directors met Monday, July 11, 2022 to adopt and/or renew policies and/or agreements and to discuss updating the lights in the district.

With little to no changes, six items were approved. Among those approved was the workers compensation insurance policy, the interlocal agreement with Deep East Texas self insurance, shared service agreements and ESC contracts, internet safety and acceptable use policy, district innovation plan and the policy update 119.

The board then heard a presentation given by President and founder of Aquila Environmental, John Sledge, on converting lighting district wide to LED. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to attend in person but was able to give the presentation via Zoom. His colleague John Hebert was present to answer any questions.

Sledge went over a brief background of his company stating that within the 15 or so years this company has been around, they have converted over 40 school districts across Texas, interior and exterior. Aquila is committed to being a cost-effective LaaS provider, serving the K-12, higher education, municipal, and other large institutional markets in Texas and the Southwest. We always strive to transact on the basis of mutual integrity and trust, and if that cannot be achieved, then we unapologetically are probably not the best company for you. We are a single source shop that takes on the heavy lifting of – facility audit, project design, global procurement (OEM sourcing), installation, multiple source financing, rebate & incentive procurement, warranty management, and post-project savings measurement and verification (M&V) – so you can focus on what matters most: your students and staff.

This project is estimated to save the district over $30,000 a year in electricity cost and over $4,000 a year in bulb and ballast repairs and replacements.

A facility auditor with Aquila traveled to Sonora to look at all the lighting and buildings that would be included in this project. An estimated 3,000 light fixtures, inside and outside, including the gymnasiums, press box, closets and the field house will be replaced. Sledge noted that the equipment should last 20+ years. With this longevity, you will be getting more bang for your buck.
The projected is estimated to cost $243,651.31.

Superintendent Michael Kissire said he believes this is a worth while project. Kissire said he had been in contacted with two districts that have used Aquila for these updates and heard nothing but positive remarks.

The motion was made by Mason Martinez to accept the Aquila proposal to update school lighting to LED including timers and the vocational building and was seconded by Peter Duran. The vote was unanimous.

There are just a couple more T’s to cross before the work begins but once it starts, hopefully in a week or so, Sledge says they should be done within a month.

Principals Brittany Welborn and Christina Rodriguez were present and had a chance to brag on their students. The STAAR/EOC scores for Sonora ISD are vastly improving year to year. This improvement speaks highly of our teachers.

Athletic Director Blake Weston was present to discuss the advertising of businesses at the stadium. He is looking to upgrade supplies throughout the athletic program and weight room. If you would like more information on sponsorships, you can contact Coach Weston at the fieldhouse.

Upon the conclusion of executive session three motions were made. They approved Guardians for the 2022-2023 school year as presented. Next, the board gave the superintendent authority to hire a basketball coach/teacher in the best interest of the school district. Finally, the board voted to allow Daniel Villanueva to withdraw his resignation letter and enter into a probationary contract.

Board President Shana Castro presided over the meeting with board members Colby Bates, Cynthia Perez, John Jones, Peter Duran, Brenda Mungia and Mason Martinez in attendance. The Sonora ISD Board of Directors meet the 2nd Monday of the month in the vocational building. The Public is encouraged to attend.