Sonora City Council met Tuesday evening and discussed a variety of subjects.

City Manager Art Fuentes began the meeting with an exciting update for Sonora. The new fuel station at the airport had their grand opening at noon Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

Mr. Munchie’z catered the event and served over a 100 people. There were t-shirts and cups to give away as well as a $100 gift card. The drawing was held at the council meeting and the lucky winner was County Judge Rachel Duran.

The council members carried on with business by opening up for a public hearing. The first of two hearings was concerning the 4B Sales Tax Revenue to the City of Sonora by the Sonora Economic Development Corporation. The hearing was in regard to a $5000 grant by the SEDC to demolish a building on 6th Street that the SEDC owns. The second grant involved $100,000 grant authorizing expenditure for an infrastructure project for expansion of the sewer line to exit 404. Both of these had their first reading on Tuesday and the second reading will be done during the July council meeting.

Police Chief Pete Garcia addressed the council concerning recent events that caused the police department to increase their nightly patrols. He also stated that he felt that changes need to be made to the juvenile curfew.

He and City Attorney Clint Griffin will be coordinating efforts to make the necessary changes. Mr. Griffin stated “That while there are usually not many citations issued, these are in fact citable offenses and by having the curfew in place it will allow them to monitor situations better.”

The curfew has been in place since 2013 so this will not be a new thing, but one that needs to be reviewed and used.

The council members and everyone in attendance then witnessed Sonora’s newest police officer being sworn in. Ms. Whitney Merket comes to Sonora from Val Verde County. She grew up in Colorado City and attended the Victoria Police Academy on 2011.

She was then hired by the Snyder Police Department where she served for seven years. While there she was a Patrol Sergeant and a Field Training Supervisor.

In 2021, Merket joined the Val Verde office as a patrol deputy, supervised by her Patrol Sergeant Pete Garcia. After a promotion she worked as a Criminal Investigator and joined the CID team supervised by Lt. Gina Garcia, who was in attendance. Melissa Merket, mother of Whitney, was in attendance as well and received big thanks for entrusting her daughter to Sonora.

Moving forward with the agenda, the council members approved the submission of a grant application that will allow for some revitalization to be downtown. They went on to approve the removal of money from the Water Infrastructure CD to use for repairs on Water Well #1. The money will be removed in August allowing for no penalties to be acquired.

Mayor Juanita Gomez presided over the meeting along with Councilmembers Mike Sanchez, Lionel Cervantez, Jr., and Darrell Barker.

The council meets every third Monday of the month. The public is encouraged to attend.