Sonora High School’s One Act Play theater group hosted their last public performance on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

They performed the moving story titled “These Shining Lives” that told the story of four women who worked at a clock painting factory where they were exposed to and poisoned by radium.

While giving very moving performances individually, the cast worked fantastically as an ensemble under the direction of SHS Theater teacher, Miss Donna Moses.

Their work brought the crowd to tears at each performance!

On Sunday, the cast and crew also celebrated senior night for their one and only senior student, Melissa Surber. She was showered with a few gifts, and took her “Final Bow” at the end of the night.

Sonora High OAP wishes her the very best as she moves on to the big show!
In UIL competition this year, Sonora’s OAP advanced at the district level, and was selected as alternate play at the bi-district level.

Individual awards were given to students, as well. SHS Tech Crew took Overall Best Crew at District and Bi-District! Including: Carolina Elizondo, Mia Garza, Brijida Garza, Abi Mendoza, Alexis Guerra, Emma Martinez, Jari Deluna, Jina Dooley, and Alondra Medina.

The district’s Best Crew Member was Alexis Guerra.

Outstanding Technician at Bi-District was Abigail Mendoza.

At District, Honorable All-Star Cast Awards went to Jacky Galindo, Amaris Jimenez, & Damien Martinez.

District All-Star Cast Awards went to Abi Fuentes and Omar Gonzales.

District’s Overall Best Performer went to Sophie Gutierrez.

At Bi-District, Abigail Fuentes took All-Star Cast Honorable Mention honors.

Sophie Gutierrez and Omar Gonzalez were awarded All-Star Cast honors.

Miss Moses and her students have worked very hard this season, they earned numerous awards, so please congratulate them when you see them!

Congratulation to the cast and crew members!