Sonora ISD Board of Directors met Monday, November 8, 2021 to consider policy updates and permission to sale property.

Volleyball coach Leandra Reed was present to announce honors given to the Lady Broncos after a successful season. Kodi and Koda Davis, Montse and Marianna De La Fuente, Joleen and Jezebell Pasillas, Molly Friess and Abby Bennie were present at the meeting to receive certificates.

The board voted in favor to approve the MOA (Memorandum of Understanding) with the City of Sonora for the School Resource Officer Arleen Castillo. The MOU was set by both the city and school attorneys. This understanding states that the city is providing the SRO to the district at no cost.

The officer is not used as a disciplinarian or for routine behavioral issues unless it involves criminal activity. Outside of school hours and events, Castillo may assume responsibility of or regular PD operations.

Numerous legal and local policies were voted and approved to be updated. A list of all updated policies can be found on the schools website.
Local policies EHB (L) and EHBAA (L) was discussed and accepted. These policies are already in place by the law but the TEA is recommending they be added in writing to the policies to help provide coverage.

Following executive session Superintendent Michael Kissire was given authority to negotiate a sale price of the vocational building located at 805 Prospect Street. Based on square footage, age of building, lot size and zoning the appraisal given was for approximately $400,000.00.

Board President Shanna Castro and presided over the meeting with Colby Bates, Cynthia Paredes, John Jones, Brenda Mungia and Mason Martinez present. Peter Duran was absent.

The Sonora ISD Board of Trustees meet the 2nd Monday of the month and all meeting are open to the public.