On Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Matt “The Shark Guy” took time to come to the Sutton County Library to talk to kids during the Oceans of Fun Summer Reading Program.

He says, “I am one of those kids who never grew out of the shark loving stage. Over the years, my camera and I have been face-to-face with all the sharks I used to dream about as a kid. I have taken my photos, experience, and shark knowledge to teach kids aged 5-13 about sharks and shark conservation. People naturally fear what they do not understand, so I use education as my tool in the battle against extinction. In my presentations we cover anatomy, geography, taxonomy, biology and many other topics that make sharks so awesome! I emphasize the difference between sharks in “movies/media” and sharks in real life.”

To help save the sharks, we must continue to learn more about these amazing creatures and work to protect them and the world’s oceans. “Learn About Sharks: The Great White Shark” is the first in an educational, science-based series about various shark species designed for early and middle readers packed full of incredible photographs and cool facts about one of the most all-time famous sharks.

Matt Marchant is a self-confessed shark nerd, so much so that he’s been given the nickname “The Shark Guy.” His passion for photographing sharks has allowed him to help shark conservation by teaching children about these incredible creatures.