Members of the Sonora Independent School District Board of Trustees met Tuesday, September 14, 2021 for a brief agenda followed by introduction of new staff and coaches.

Under SB 2081 Pre-kindergarten classes are now capped at 22 students — the same maximum class size of other elementary school grades. Previously a principal could go before the board and get approval. With this update, however, there has to be a wavier filed as well.

A wavier was presented to the board for this year due to the one pre-k class having 30 students. There is one teacher and 2 paraprofessionals as well. When classes began on August 16, 2021 there were only 18 students enrolled and within the first week the numbers rose to 30. The only students that are accepted into the pre-k class are students that meet set requirements.
The district is still currently actively searching for a certified teacher to add to the staff. Intermediate Principal Brittany Welborn stated, “This is not the ideal situation but we are working with what we have.” The wavier passed 5 to 2 with Cynthia Perez and Brenda Mungia voting against.

Welborn introduced new staff for the elementary Paige Davis, Tiffany Weston, Christina Hernandez, Jessica Cathey, Brooke Gulley, Katie Gulley, Kodie Kaiser, Leticia Alviso, Shawna Rogers and Kyra Lewis.

Rene Vallerino, Secondary Principal introduced his new staff including Blake Weston, Bradley Hale, Gerald Butts, Frankie Kay, Mitchell Kay, Cash Jennings, Annalisa Perez, Leandra Adame, Leandra Reed, Dylan Hester, Tami Holguin and Barbara Torres.

Vallerino mentioned that the morale as a whole has changed on his campus. He credits this change to the teachers and coaches for making such a positive impact on the students. Within athletics it is like a change of culture within the coaching staff and athletes.

Board President Shanna Castro expressed her appreciation to all the new staff for for choosing to come to Sonora. She also mentioned what a blessing it is to have Bronco Alumni come home and take on the role of an educator in their hometown.

Superintendent Michael Kissire led the meeting. Board members present were Shanna Castro, Colby Bates, Cynthia Perez, John Jones, Peter Duran, Brenda Mungia and Mason Martinez.