Sutton County Commissioners met Monday, August 23, 2021 with the discussion of the proposed tax rate being a hot topic.

All department reports were unanimously approved. The EMS report will be moved to another meeting due to them being out at the scene of an accident/wreck.

The commissioners have set a tax rate public hearing for Thursday, September 2nd. It is open to the public to discuss any concerns or changes. Currently the tax rate is 65.4351 cents per 100 dollar valuation. The proposed tax rate is 69.2861 cents per 100 dollar valuation. This is the highest tax rate possible without holding an election.

The values that have been received from the tax appraisal office are somewhat higher compared to last year. Commissioner Carl Teaff raised the question of why the difference since 2019, the values are above what they were then but yet the tax rate is not. He along with the other commissioners want a chance to sit and visit with the appraisal office to help clear up some of the confusion.

USDA trouble shooter for the wildlife services, Cliff Brewster, went out on location with Judge Chavez Duran and upon his inspection he recommended putting out bars of poison for rat abatement. Brewster told Duran that he could order the bars for $88.42 plus shipping from Lubbock. She stated that the county would not pay for the poison due to it being private property. The landowners could split the cost if they wanted to pay. The other option would be for Brewster to set traps.

After some discussion, Jody Harris asked what the difference was between the rats and a larger animal on someone’s county property using the services of Brewster.

Commissioners Bob Brockman and Lee Bloodworth saw where Harris was coming from. Brockman said he was going to do some checking with the higher ups in the USDA and see what he could come up with. Harris offered to pay half the cost if the county would not cover it.

There were several job postings approved for advertisement as well, one of which is the sheriff’s office advertising for a dispatcher. The other is for courthouse maintenance supervisor and maintenance personnel. The position came open when a previous supervisor was terminated or fired.

Judge Rachel Chavez Duran presided over the meeting. Commissioners Fred Perez, Carl Teaff, Bob Brockman and Lee Bloodworth were present.

The Sutton County commissioners will meet again for a special meeting Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sutton County Annex building. The public is encouraged to attend.