Newly elected Sutton County officials were administered the Oath of Office Wednesday, January 2, 2019, to officially take their positions and begin their terms in office.

Six leaders including Treasurer, Commissioners and Judges raised their right hand in testament that they will uphold the duties of their office throughout their term during the special ceremony at the Sutton County Courthouse.

Sutton County Judge Steve Smith presided over the ceremony.

New to office, Janell Schniers replaced her long-standing predecessor Janalyn Jones in assuming the duties of County Treasurer.

This is Schniers first term in office and her first time to serve an elected official for Sutton County.

Commissioners Bob Brockman, Precinct 2, and Fred Perez, Precinct 4, were sworn in to another term in office.

Brockman entered office in January 2017. His term ends December 31, 2022.

Perez entered office in January 2007. His new term ends December 31, 2022.

Judge Jody Harris, Justice of the Peace, was sworn in under the direction of Judge Smith before reciprocating the honor.

Harris administered the Oath of Office to Smith.

Harris and Smith ran unopposed in the 2018 election.

Harris began his tenure in March 2017, replacing John K. Wilson.

Smith entered office in January 2015.

County and District Clerk Rachel Duran was not present for the ceremony, but was also sworn in Wednesday.