On Tuesday, June 8, 2021 the Sutton County Library hosted some slithery guests as they kicked off the summer reading program.

The group first heard the short fairy tale The Snake and The Princess Who Shed her Skin read by Library Assistant April Castillo.

Brooke Wood, Executive Director of Eaton Hill was on hand with several snakes for the children to hold, touch and pet. Ms. Wood introduced the guests to first a plastic snake to give an example of the colorings of poisonous snakes.

She then introduced Milkshake; a Milk snake who belongs to the Oreo morph. Milkshake is a colorful snake but has red and black markings making this snake a “friend of jack”. The guests were able to touch Milkshakes scales as they learned more about this type of snake.
Petunia was the next snake to make an entrance; she is a Bull snake that is approximately two years old. Ms. Wood explained that she is very active as she is still a young snake and provided for the guests many fun facts including that Bull snakes often disguise themselves as rattlesnakes to defend themselves from prey.

The next snake, Stella Luna, a Salmon Snow Corn snake was a crowd favorite! Ms. Wood explained that she is not native to the region but she was rescued and is about two years old. She has red eyes and light colored skin. Guests were able to hold Stella Luna as she was calm and seemed to enjoy the attention while she gently wound around the arms of guests.
The last snake was the oldest of the snakes on display during the event. Bob, a Ball Python has been in Sutton County for over 30 years, it was living locally before being donated to Eaton Hill. Ms. Wood explained that the Ball Python received its name because it curls itself into a ball when it is frightened or unsure of a situation. The large snake stay curled into a ball throughout the presentation. However, guests were able to touch and pet Bob as Ms. Wood walked him around the room in her arms and provided guests with information about Ball Pythons.

Following the presentation of the snakes, Ms. Wood took questions from the guests and provided the guests with snake safety tips.
Before the conclusion of the program the guests were invited to make a paper snake craft to take home.

The library has many fun events on the agenda as a part of the Summer Reading Program including visits from the donkey rescue, happy trails petting zoo and live performances.

The next event will be held on Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. Dr. John Irish with the San Angelo Symphony will be visiting to read a book aloud and to give a live performance.

Please call the Sutton County Library at 325-387-2111 for more information on all upcoming events. You may also visit the Sutton County Library on Facebook for more information.