The Sutton County Commissioners met in a special meeting on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 9:00. The meeting was opened by Judge Steve Smith with a prayer.

Commissioner Bob Brockman presented the court with a resolution declaring Sutton County a second amendment sanctuary county. Brockman explained that this is basically a ceremonious title, however, it does show support on the state and federal levels that Sutton County does not support gun control. The motion was made by Brockman and seconded by Lee Bloodworth. The motion passed with Fred Perez being the only nay.

The judge then opened the meeting for public comment. Cecilia Burnett was in attendance and addressed the court explaining that she appreciates their hard work and has confidence in them, but expressing concern in them selecting a candidate for county judge that has no experience. Burnett suggested the commissioners select a candidate with experience handling commissioner court matters, that will not need to be trained stating we need “continuity”.
Judge Smith made a motion to appoint Nancy Glasscock as the new Sutton County Veteran’s Service Officer explaining to the court that this role involves helping local veterans with needs pertaining to accessing military benefits. The motion was passed unanimously. Judge Smith stated to the court that he will schedule with Mrs. Glasscock a time to be sworn in.

The commissioners then handled regular agenda items to include the accounts payable report and the treasurer’s reports. Janelle Schniers reported an ending balance of $9,752,531.56 for the month of March 2021. She explained this number is short due to the ad valorem tax for February not being reported, it will be reflected in the April 2021 report.

Next Wendy Geaslin delivered the Permian Basin CSCD report detailing $3607.10 collected in court fees. Geaslin also reported that she supervises 22 people in Sutton County that are on probation and that there 118 people that do not live in Sutton County but are under probation in Sutton County and pay their probation fines to Sutton County.

EMS Director T.J. Thorp was present to give the EMS report to the court. Thorp brought the new ambulance, which is currently in use to demonstrate the features to the commissioners. Thorp reported that EMS had 187 calls in the first quarter, which is close to average. He also reported that they recently underwent their state survey, which they passed with no deficiencies.

Elaine Donaldson with the Sutton County Historical Society requested from the commissioners that a fence be built between the Sutton county jail outdoor area and the amphitheater. The amphitheater and the depot are rented for private events by the historical society, the fence would block the view of the prisoners from guests attending these private events. The court will have to review some budget items and return to the historical society with an answer, they will readdress this request in their next regular meeting on May 10. 2021.

Judge Smith explained during the county judge report that there has been some confusion in regard to scheduling events at the civic center, rodeo grounds and/or baseball/softball parks. All of these venues may be scheduled for events by contacting the Sutton County Extension Office at the Civic Center at 325-387-3101. For non-profit organizations requesting a reduction or waiver of fees for a charitable event they must obtain a form from the extension office, complete the form and submit it to the county judge’s office.

This must be done in a timely fashion as they must have time for the county commissioners to review the request for approval or denial. Please make sure to follow this process to avoid delays.

Judge Steve Smith presided over the meeting with commissioners Carl Teaff, Fred Perez, Lee Bloodworth and Bob Brockman in attendance. With no further items to address, the commissioner’s court adjourned.

The next regular meeting of the Sutton County Commissioners Court will be held on Monday, May 10, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in the meeting room at the Sutton County Annex building.
These meetings are open to the public.