Joe N. Brown
Joe N. Brown
The day dawned bright and sunny,
Folks are out after the money.
A soul is gone heaven’s way,
The Chariots came today,

No matter what man’s station,
Where he’s been or where he’s from,
When time is out we have no say,
The Chariots came today.

A life of labor, honest and true,
All is debts he did pay,
The Chariots came today.

A little pain in the chest,
Nothing important, no time to rest,
A deal must be closed, no time to delay,
The Chariots cam today.

No decision on earthly values,
The days are already numbered for you,
We will all return the clay,
The Chariots came today.

All activity does suddenly cease,
A soul at rest is put to peace,
You don’t pick up your time or way,
The Chariots came today.