Two people were arrested as the result of an investigation into the illegal dumping of dogs along Interstate 10 in West Texas.

Katreena Lynn Martin was arrested Thursday, October 3, 2019, on four counts of Cruelty to Animals Non-Livestock: Abandoning and booked into the Kimble County Jail. Abandoning is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor and is punishable by a jail term of up to one year and a fine of up to $5,000.

Wayne Milo Martin was booked into the Kimble County Jail Friday, October 4, 2019, after turning himself into the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office.

Bond was set at $20,000 each.

The arrests came after an investigation into more than 100 dogs abandoned in areas along I-10 in Kimble and Sutton counties from July to September.

Authorities received information from members of rescue organizations and individuals helping to recover the abandoned dogs identifying the animals as matching those kept at the Atascosa County Animal Shelter (ACAS).

According to an affidavit, officials conducted video surveillance at the ACSC Sunday, September 29.

Surveillance video showed Katreena Martin and Wayne Martin loading dogs into a gray Dodge Minivan at the Atascosa County Animal Shelter (ACAC) in Jourdanton, Texas at 6:08 p.m. Sunday evening.

Mobile surveillance was maintained on the van for about 150 miles from the ACAC facility into Kimble County where it exited I-10 at the Cleo Road exit.

About 8:55 p.m., Sutton County Game Warden Derek Rogers, who was also conducting surveillance, observed the van exiting I-10 near mile marker 428, taking the FM 3130 exit.

The van was out of sight for approximately four minutes before Rogers observed it again on I-10.

Rogers traced the path along FM 3130 taken by the van and located four dogs apparently abandoned on the side of the roadway. Three of the four dogs were positively identified as having been at the ACAC shelter, according to an affidavit.

With the help of Kimble County Sheriff’s Deputies, officials conducted a traffic stop of the van.

While questioning the couple, officials observed multiple empty dog kennels inside the cargo area of the vehicle, according to an affidavit.
Katreena Martin told law enforcement that they had recently delivered dogs to a rescue organization in Midland but did not have information to corroborate the story.

Obtaining an arrest warrant DPS arrested Katreena Martin at the ACSC this past Thursday.

Wayne Martin, who was driving the van, turned himself in to the Kimble County Sheriff’s office where he was taken into custody Friday morning.
Sergeant Justin Baker Martin, Texas Highway Patrol confirmed in a statement that Katreena Martin was arrested by TX DPS Agents on Thursday, October 3. Additionally, Baker confirmed that Wayne Milo Martin, also charged with four counts of Cruelty to Animals Non Livestock : Abandoning, turned himself in to the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office on October 4.

Game Warden Rogers said he is thankful for the efforts of citizens, outside animal rescue organizations and law enforcement officials to finally identify these individuals and stop them from continuing to illegally abandon more shelter dogs.

“I’m just glad that they were caught,” Rogers said. “It couldn’t have happened without the help and homework done by countless citizens, rescue groups and local agencies. Wheless Baker, Britton Scott, Will Allison, and Kimble County Deputy Steve Brown all helped the night the dogs were abandoned. Many people have worked tirelessly finding homes for all the abandoned dogs and I hope with the all the publicity involving the case that it will deter someone in the future for doing this senseless act.”

In a written statement from Sutton County resident Wheless Baker, who has worked closely with officials, rescue organizations and others involved said she is thankful that a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety took an interest in the matter when she was presented with information.
“She became our voice,” Baker said. “The Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division, a deputy with the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office, the Junction Police Department, Sutton County’s Game Warden and some concerned citizens were instrumental in putting a stop to the extremely inhumane and costly act of absolute disregard for these dogs and their wellbeing.”

Further, “The number of dogs dumped is staggering,” Baker added. “To date, between the three counties there have been 120 plus dogs abandoned. Sutton County alone has taken in 76 dogs, with the majority going to Cow Dog Rescue at 51. These numbers do not reflect the dogs that were shot, run over, went feral or simply starved to death somewhere along Interstate 10.”

Katreena and Wayne Martin were released on bond from the Kimble County Jail, according to the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office.

No further information is available at this time as the investigation in ongoing, according to DPS.