Almost two years after being lost due to a catastrophic flood in Sonora, etched stone veteran memorials have found their way back home.

The new stones were installed Monday, June 22, at La Placita, also called Liberty Park, in Sonora.

The memorial stones include the names of veterans from Sutton County, Sonora, who have served in the United States military.

The original stones were removed after they collapsed due to damage caused by flood water in September 2018.

With the aide of insurance money the City of Sonora was able to replace the memorials.

The City contracted with Birk Monumental Mfg., in San Angelo to make the new memorials.

Professionals with Birk Monumental spent the day Monday at Liberty Park placing the news memorial stones.

The City of Sonora is accepting names of military veterans from the community to be included on the memorials.